Theatre and Video

1- Presentation

Lupin Film Production is a project created by Etoile CTE to continue living and doing theater during a historical period destabilized by the arrival of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In December 2020, with the creation of the “first” theatrical-cinematic product “Mr. Wonderful” the Lupin FP comes to life. More precisely at the end of the first day of shooting, on the evening of December 17, when in the office of the artistic director, the current members of the film production group are asked about the values of collaboration and the need to get involved in order to create something new and special. 

From that exchange of ideas, the relationship between Theatre and Cinema, considered incongruous in a first moment, is now realized.

Theater and Cinema: Do opposites attract each other?

There has always been a wall of separation between theater and cinema, if you ask any actor or director they surely will answer that one has nothing to do with the other.
The Lupin, which was born to develop a training course, takes care of retaining the emotions that it feels watching a show, and then it study them technically and indelibly imprint them on the screen.

In fact, the shots are made respecting the soul of the theater. The here and now is fundamental and for this reason the scenographic context is made concrete by the harmony of the props, the lighthouses in the field, the fifths and the proscenium, the boxes and the stalls completely empty and perfectly visible.

This happens because the cinema is exposed and available on the stage, just like the theater that, to be immortalized, is made available to the cinema.
The decision to involve young people for this training has certainly helped to create a type of collaboration that is based on the premises of a theater group: cohesion, presence and trust.

The point is not just to see a show and to decide if it is better to place the camera on the theatre boxes on the right or on the ones on the left. But to understand why the actor or the dancer makes a certain gesture, creating a mental background to be able to give a meaning to the situation and only after reasoning to the technical aspect that would help more the understanding.
The film direction that is edited by the active members of Lupin Film Production is in constant comparison with the figure of the Theatrical Director.

The study of the work, the characters, but also the lighting and the movements of the artists is constantly changing to find the best for both sides.

To create a relationship based on trust, the operator climbs the stage to do the shooting, shooting with a shoulder machine.
This defines in the theater a link of space with the camera, because he is asked to accept its existence and not only, to involve it and helping it live, as it would in front of a public accommodated in the audience.

The Group

The Lupin FP is composed by film-makers graduating in Cinema and Audiovisual Languages at the Academy of Arts in Bologna ( Accademia delle belle arti) and it was born already from the first studies on Cinema achieved at the Liceo Artistico Paolo Toschi in Parma.
The group is cohesive and professional, the members stand out because of their aesthetic vision and ideation, with which they try to build a philosophy of the image.

What Lupin “faced” in her relationship with Etoile was a kind of change, or better, a new beginning.
So much so that from the first day each of them had a new name, as is done in an initiation rite: Lorenzo became Lupin, Alessandro Jigen and Riccardo Zaza.

This happens because when it comes to go to the theatre, even the cinema must take off its shoes before entering, forget who it is and what it is doing there to begin to live another reality.
So much so that we are called Thieves of gentle images.

2- Technical information


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