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The For.Te. was created to take stock of the situation on the training activities promoted or shared with the “Franco Tagliavini” Theatre of Novellara (RE) in the last few years.

Telling and telling about oneself is an action that we consider fundamental in order to document, leave a sign of what has been done in order to be able to repeat and improve. Fort.Te, a multimedia documentation tool, also aims to provide technical information and data collected over the years as well as technical materials that can be downloaded and used in “new and future” training contexts.

In order to better document the many training actions carried out, the sections of the site will be divided into the following areas of action:

It is important to specify that the data and information included in the site are mainly those made in cooperation with Etoile European Theatre Centre. However, other training activities were carried out by different subjects present in the area albeit in smaller quantities.

We wish to thank the Scientific Technical Committee which has collaborated not only in the definition of the work structure but also with their direct interventions in the different areas of action.



The Municipality of Novellara in the province of Reggio Emilia is geographically located in the Po Valley, 75 km from Bologna and 160 km from Milan. It is important to know that in an area of ​​just over 400 square km (in which we find the municipalities of Novellara, Correggio, Guastalla, Campagnola, Rio Saliceto, Bagnolo in piano and Fabbrico belonging to the province of Reggio Emilia and the municipality of Carpi in the province of Modena) there are as many as 7 theatres in activity; the “F. Tagliavini” Theatre is also urbanistically placed among different important theatre realities, such as the “B. Asioli ”in Correggio or the Municipal Theatre of Carpi (MO).

The current management of “F. Tagliavini”, managed by the Municipal Administration of Novellara in collaboration with ATER, has chosen from the beginning to have the theatre assume an identity that made this space special.

The added value of a historic theatre in a town of just over 13,000 inhabitants has been given over the years thanks to the definition of a particular identity linked to:

  • the hospitality of companies defined as “tour” (or professional companies with shows on tour),
  • the active involvement of local realities (i.e.  associations, self-managed groups and schools in the area)

However, most of all it is linked to the many actions connected to  local, national and international trainings, which over the years have seen “ the theatre” certainly become a cultural container but also a content and a training tool.

The constant dialogue between the Theatre Management, the Municipal Administration and Etoile (European theatre centre) has led to the creation and consolidation of a network of subjects who have inhabited the theatre, immersed in a dimension not only of show but of real creative process, residency and training.

Starting from September 2014, efforts have been made to consolidate and give continuity to those activities that had already found a “home” in the theatre, seeking to increasingly expand the opportunities for using the most important and institutional cultural container for the community.

The same identity, history, tradition and dimension of the Municipality of Novellara has made it possible to weave more and more relationships both with the other cultural services such as the museum, the library and the youth centre, and also out of Gonzaga territories in places that are not purely connected to the theatre.



Etoile European Theatre Centre is a non-profit social promotion association legally recognized and registered in the register of the Emilia Romagna Region. Always affiliated with the Italian Amateur Theatre Federation, it has been working in the Emilia region since 1999 and boasts important collaborations both nationally and internationally.

Since 2013 Etoile  has moved to the ancient manor house “Borgo delle Querce” in the Pieve Modolena area of ​​Reggio Emilia.

In addition to offering theatre and dance courses, Etoile has become one of the first residential centres of the performing arts in Italy.

During the academic year, Etoile offers theatre courses for adults and children and courses in photography and theatrical technique with highly qualified experts and teachers.

The skills, constantly put in place to improve every day and make known in Italy and in Europe this artistic reality in continuous evolution and movement that makes art a tool of life, contribute to solidify the foundations of the association, Etoile believes in and invests many resources in the training of young people and children in schools using theatre professionals and experts and for this reason it operates in the area through theatre courses, training courses and training accompaniments.

The association does not focus only on training but is committed on several fronts: firstly, projects in the field of research theatre with intensive internships in which the actor’s body is to be placed at the centre of the work; secondly, the PRODUCTION sector: “ETOILE LA COMPAGNIA” has the aim of producing ever new shows and distribution both nationally and internationally.

Since 2016, the Etoile headquarters has been chosen as the national headquarters for the training courses of FITA (Italian Amateur Theatre Federation), becoming the official headquarters of ITAF International Theatre Academy of Fita, the high-level residential school for the performing arts of FITA.

Etoile uses collaborations and twinning with European countries such as France, Holland, Romania, Poland, Spain and Portugal which in recent years have also become branch offices.

The partners of the Etoile center contribute to raising the quality level of the association including: FITA Italian Amateur Theatre Federation, Agis Scuola, The Province of Reggio Emilia, the Municipality of Novellara, the Franco Tagliavini Theatre of Novellara, the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.