ITAF - IX Edition

Non ti scordar di me

What if the people we love suddenly forget about us?
What if the memories of our loved ones became as fragile as soap bubbles? A finger may be enough to make them disappear. This is what Alzheimer does. It affects memories, one after the other, breaks down and mixes emotions, consumes memory until it crumbles.
It is from this image that “Forget me not” is born, the result of the work of the students of the ninth edition of ITAF (International Theater Academy of FITA).
The color of Forget me not, the symbolic flower of this disease, gives a pastel hue to the entire show: in a lilac and light blue palette, various paintings taken from real stories are articulated, testimonies of people who, by choice or necessity, live everyday life alongside an Alzheimer’s patient.
A mother who no longer recognizes her child. A husband who forgets he is married. A close friend who mistakes us for the postman. Being next to a loved one, who is inexorably losing himself in himself, is not easy, it can cause excruciating pain: a mixture of anger, helplessness, abandonment, loneliness… perhaps, the only way to relieve this pain is to find the strength to let go of who you have loved for a lifetime, to learn to know them again, rediscovering a new love.

Direzione artistica e regia
Daniele Franci

Maestre preparatrici
Alessandra Minchillo e Maria Beatrice Papagni

Movimenti coreografici
Joseph Tortora

Direzione della scuola
Maria Grazia De Marco

Direzione tecnica
Wietse Ottes

Tecnica e allestimento
Savio Perri, Manuel Polito

Con gli allievi e le allieve della nona edizione di ITAF
Gaia Aceti
Michele Basso
Michele D’Urzo
Letizia Fumarola
Margot Giordana
Virginia Lanza
Lisa Lippolis
Lorenzo Papale
Andrea Pittiglio

Orianna Cigarini, Martino Franci, Lina Mantovani

Comunicazione e media
Alessandro Calvani

Ricerca ed elaborazione testi
Waller Corsi, Alessandra Minchillo, Maria Beatrice Papagni

Fotografia di scena
Tamara Boscaino

FITA, Federazione Italiana Teatro Amatori